Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Wonderful Weekend and Wonderful Weather


 Images of RWB courtesy of Google 


Went went to the little town of Royal Wootton Bassett (RWB), just a few miles from home.  A trip to RWB library to return a book.  However, while there a trip to Cloth of Gold was required!  Due due being so poorly the last year, Noel and I haven't seen our God-daughters; Eve and Zoe and our little niece Isla as much as we would like.  So while in hospital, with a lot of time on my hands to think!  I decided that I would write old fashioned letters and using my crafting time to make my girlies, pretties .... pretties to wear, that I would send as surprise parcels in the post with the age appropriate letters.

As I was holding up, we went to Rouse's the Hardware shop.  When I was fitter and in better health, I was able to grow my own vegetables on our allotment and the garden was pretty.  Sadly the allotment had to be given up a few years ago and the garden has got unruly.  As my life is very much my HOME! I decided that I would take on small tasks and if I could see them to the end - brilliant, but if I ended up back in hospital, well I had tried.  A much better place to be, a positive place to be; not just for my garden but for my well being too.  So we purchased some new seeds for sowing and a couple of trays of plants, with a collection of small pots of geraniums.  

We also bought two new mugs; ready for the summer in the caravan.
                                                                          Do you like them?  I love them!

A wonderful day - left shattered but such a big smile on my face.


Saw the family up early, a shift system in the bathroom and having breakfast.  We were taking Poppy and her friend Sam to T4, Heathrow.

They are both well traveled young people, so I have very little concerns for their amazing holiday.  My dream holiday!  When Poppy first mentioned her Easter holiday plans, I was more than a little green with envy (please do not read as jealous, I don't do jealous but as I have said, I am more than a little envious).   Then I got to thinking; my little girl grew up with me chatting about this holiday, one of my dream trips, so let's be honest it is not surprise that is has popped up in her bucket list.  I dealt I will be ever be able to take this holiday; i) health insurance will out way any cost of the holiday, ii) the altitude of the country and iii) a no fly policy with the state of my lungs.  So where have they flown to: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  At this present time, Sam and Poppy are staying with a Mongolian family, I can not wait to hear all about it. Tomorrow, they are catching the Trans Siberian train to Russia.  I will keep you updated as and when Poppy gives me updates.

As we were on the outskirts of London; I organised a day out for me!  Which Noel very kindly offered to drive me to, a day with my (chronic) asthma (and many severe side effects) that I could manage and enjoy.  I have reined in my dreams and make the most of what I can manage and, believe me this makes me just as happy.

First on the list was Tikki Patchwork shop, in Kew, just 10 miles west of Heathrow, What a lovely little colourful shop and very pleasant staff.  I have been trying to visit this shop for quite a while, however due to the short opening hours, this has been quite difficult to organise.  I bought a pattern for quite a simple quilt, for when my brain is soggy (due to to many steroids I have to take) but still wanting to quilt. Noel helped choose the fabric.  The fabric will give a very different affect to the designers choice however I am really looking forwarded to cutting all the pieces ready for sewing together.

Two Fat Quarters (FQ), that just needed to be purchased.

The FQ pack to make the small quilt.

Backing and binding fabric for the above quilt.

And this fabric is a bit of a find, I have a jelly roll that I have pieced together and this piece of fabric is part of the jelly roll design, perfect to back, bind and finish another quilt that I had got stuck on.

Second on the list, just 4 miles away from the above shop in Kingston-Upon-Thames, was Fabricland.

Fabricland is situated in Old London Road, at the end of this road is this sculpture called 'Out of Order' by David Mach and commissioned in 1988.
Image of Telephone Box courtesy of Google

Beautiful houses on Old London Road.

I needed to buy supplies for school lessons; dupion silk for a Silk Ribbon Embroidery course and I also purchased some 100% cotton fabrics; for 3 blouses, 3 play-suits and 1 dress.  I have used Fabricland for many years but I have to say the staff in Kingston were lovely, really cheerful and helpful, made our visit to this shop far more enjoyable, than the normal mundane visits, that I normally make!

The third visit of the day was to the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) at Hampton Court Palace

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Again just a few miles down the road, following the River Thames.  Just glorious, with the sun shining and everybody out and about making the most of the outside.  One of the things I did notice while being driven around was how much further along the flowers were in London.  The cherry blossom was beautiful and wisteria on the front of old Georgian style houses were in bloom, where in my garden the leaves are still in 5 cm long buds.  Now, I wanted to buy a book from the RSN but this wasn't going to be as easy as it first seemed.  But I am getting a head of myself, firstly my very kind husband had made us a small picnic. We were lucky to find a bench (for Noel to sit on as I had my wheelchair) in the 'free' part of Hampton Court Palace gardens.






The blossom on the trees were just delightful, sadly the thousands of daffodils were nearly over but not quite, as were the magnolia trees however bluebells were starting to appear.  A calm place to eat our picnic.  Now back to buying of the book:  

I wanted to visit the RSN shop!  Hampton Court Palace's new (not sure when it came into) practice, is if you wish to visit the RSN shop, which is situated at the back of the palace by the formal gardens, You are now required to purchase an entry ticket into the palace!  No way was I going to spend £46.00 for Noel and I to enter the palace.  I was in my wheelchair, I was getting very tired and I was there to just buy the book!  However, having taken classes at the RSN, I decided to try and talk to security.  I was in luck because at the time of chatting to the security guard, who I have to say was very sympathetic.  He telephoned his boss (?) and at the same time an RSN Volunteer approached the back entrance.  After a little discussion between everyone and a sincere promise from Noel and myself that we were only going to visit the shop and return, I am am happy to report we were allowed in through the palace back entrance with the RSN Volunteer escorting us through.  I actually bought several books and two kits but I think I will share these purchases on another post!  But mission successful, just!


I attend a bi-monthly Braid Society meeting, held in Aldbourne Memorial Hall.  This is such a friendly and sharing/helpful group.  I have been going to these meetings for approximately a year now and I have learnt so much.  Yesterday I learnt how to weave a braid on an Inkle Loom.  I did struggle to tie the knots together, due to the shakes!   But my wonderful braiding friend Phil became my very able helper but not only did he tie knots, he touched my back to give me positive energy as he is a Reiki Master and made sure that I was kept topped up with drinks (milk and water, I do not drink tea or coffee) all day.  This was so I didn't get to tired walking to the kitchen and back.  On my piece of braiding, I managed to do a design feature of a frill at the very start but the more I weaved, the better the tension.  Not perfect but a good start.

Thank you Phil, I could not of enjoyed my day as much if you hadn't of helped me like you did and also not forgetting Noel who dropped me off and picked me up again at the end of the day and I came home to a lovely salad with roasted/cooled chicken.  Thank you so that I can look after my well being xxx

I have started this book:

So far so good but not really read enough to discuss the story or characters just yet.


I am working on a little blanket; not a great photo of the colours, however a good example of the stitch pattern I am using xxx

My sock has grown a little bit!

Well I congratulate you on getting to the end of this very picture heavy post!  I took so many photos over the weekend, that it was very hard to choose which ones to show you 😊 but the one important photo I forgot to take; was of Noel and I eating our first '99' ice cream of 2017!  Till the next time, take good care of yourselves xxx

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